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Intelligent Locker Solutions

Secure, Unattended Delivery of Your Customers' Good & Shipments

Meet the Intelligent Lockers from Pitney Bowes. Built for organizations looking to manage the increasing volume and demands of inbound package receiving and delivery, these innovative smart parcel systems create positive contactless package pickup experiences for recepients and no-touch delivery points for mail center employees. 

Day or night, the intelligent lockers are controlled by Pitney Bowes' Sendsuite® Tracking, powerful software that facilitates the process for you. It eliminates bottlenecks and provides a seamless path to confirmed pickup. Already at home in college campuses, corporate campuses, government agencies or any organization looking for a proven solution to long lines or overcrowded mailrooms, Intelligent Locker Solutions are today's answer where productivity and social distancing are at the top of your workflow management list.

Call our Sales Team to discuss which system is right for you. 601-362-9192


Space Saving

The lockers are not allocated per person. They're used based on need.


Ease of Access

Customers enjoy simple, secure PIN/barcodes.



Collections and drop-offs are recorded to monitor and register accountabilities, reducing risk.



Assorted box sizes accommodate a variety of items from flats to large parcels.


24/7/365 Access

Eliminates lines, wait time, reduces impact on staff.


Automatic notification of recipient parcel delivery. Fewer inquiries from service improvement.


Easy on Your Staff

Never leave valuable packages unattended. No more multiple delivery attempts and reshipment costs. Extended hours without added manpower.


Better for Your Customers

Reduce or eliminate wait time to retrieve packages. Excellent solution for social distancing. One-stop retrieval anytime. Security for incoming mail and parcels. 

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