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Whether you are a long-time career veteran in IT or the one who people call on all the time, one thing is clear - software isn't always the easiest element of your business to manage. It can take time, money and a great deal of patience to become well-versed and current with the best solutions on the market, particularly those that fit your enterprise.


ABS supports clients in healthcare, legal, insurance, government and financial services. We know the game, its rules and the realities you face along the flow of electronic and hard copy documents. So why not take advantage of a local resource that will help you win whether you're just getting into the digital realm or looking to expand your capabilities to accommodate expansion.

So with that introduction out of the way, let's give you a quick look at what we're doing in Document Management Software and Managed IT.

If at any point you want to skip all of this and get right to a conversation with a friendly, local expert in software, click here to set up an email or call 601.632.9192 to arrange a chat.



With Square 9 software we offer a complete platform of products for capturing your documents, extracting high value data, classifying that data into information and integrating that information into your existing business processes for greater efficiency.

Document Capture Automation

Transform captured business content into high value information that can be shared across your entire organization.

Enterprise Content Management 
Secure and compliant storage of business content allows you to classify information for improved access and collaboration.

Business Process Automation
Redefine organizational efficiency with processes that enforce business rules while allowing for global participation.

Web Forms Management 
Extend document automation effortlessly with web forms that eliminate paper-based processes.

Questions? click here to set up an email or call 601.632.9192 to arrange a chat.

Then There is Enterprise Fax & Document Distribution

RightFax automates time-intensive, manual, paper-driven processes. This reduces paper-based operational costs, increases employee productivity, and decreases risks associated with stand-alone fax machines and unsecure email communications.

RightFax is a centralized, computer-based fax solution that provides faxing capabilities across an organization. It integrates fax and document distribution with email, desktop and document management applications, and enables high-volume fax delivery from CRM, ECM, ERP, and other host applications.

Dramatically decreases document distribution costs by digitally delivering documents from the desktop

Protects compliance and privacy by electronically delivering tamper-resistant documents, and reducing risk by ensuring documents do not sit on fax machines in public areas

Integrates seamlessly with virtually any ECM, ERP, CRM, HIM, MFP, VoIP network, and many industry applications to maximize and extend the value of existing technology infrastructure, and application investments

Questions? click here to set up an email or call 601.632.9192 to arrange a chat.

We Have a Feature Rich Print Management Package

Make your print management as easy and pain-free as possible. From simple tracking and monitoring of print jobs to integrated BYOD printing or advanced custom job management, PaperCut can be up and running in minutes. Two powerful options are available.

PaperCut NG

  • DIY Print Management in minutes

  • Track and control unlimited printers

PaperCut MF

All the features of NG plus:

  • Manage copy, scan and fax on your MFD

  • Authenticate users with swipe or proximity cards

  • Fine-Me printing and Secure Print Release

  • Full supported

Questions? click here to set up an email or call 601.632.9192 to arrange a chat.

From the Cloud to Info Managment & IT

All Covered helps your staff have the information and tools they need to succeed in today's ever-changing world. As the local All Covered provider in Mississippi, ABS offers a spectrum of technology solutions to help you with your Information Technology, essentially serving as your single point of accountability for all of your technology needs.

Cloud Computing

  • Reduce hardware costs & secure your data in the cloud

  • Let your employees access data from anywhere


  • Internal & external security audits

  • Email filtering & protection

  • Security assessments

Data Backup & Business Continuity

  • On and offsite data backup

  • Get your business back up & running in minutes

  • Replicate your data to the cloud


  • Upgrades, migrations & moves

  • Security audits, network assessments

  • Virtualization & server backup

  • IT strategy & technology plans


Questions? click here to set up an email or call 601.632.9192 to arrange a chat.

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