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Post Pandemic Partitions

Get protection from aerosol particles during face-to-face meetings. Help convert open office and benching without losing the open office feel. Only brackets and frames with antimicrobial environmentally friendly powder coat paint. Unobtrusive – feels natural speaking with customers and coworkers Steel brackets/frames and acrylic panel may be disinfected.

Ideal In:

  • Open Office Conversion

  • Retail Counters

  • Conference Tables

  • Cafeterias

  • Reception

  • Classrooms


Available in 4 Configurations:

  • Freestanding Guards

  • Panel Height Extenders

  • Mobile Distancing Partitions

  • Clamp-On Guards

Contact ABS for pricing.

Jackson: 601.362.9192

Winona: 662.283.5114


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